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Transferring domestic or international funds abroad using africuniabank.com or our app is easy, fast & secure. Sign up for an account, and send money to any nigerian bank account; make worldwide transfers quickly & reliably in just a few clicks. Sit back and relax. 24 Hours & 7 Days a Week.


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AFRICUNIA BANK sends your money with amazing exchange rates without charging any additional fee. Send money with your fingertips within a few minutes in a most reliable way. AFRICUNIA BANK goes the extra mile to ensure you get a trouble-free experience using our online money transfer.

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You can do an online money transfer with AFRICUNIA BANK any time, 24/7. Our online money transfer app is user-friendly, easy and quick.

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The AFRICUNIA BANK is a digital banking money transfer app that enables a person/business to transfer money and open an account in currencies like EUR, USD, AUD and GBP. We have collaborated with various financial service providers to provide you affordable banking and money transfer.
AFRICUNIA BANK has made the receiving and sending of money easy with just 4 easy steps. Follow these easy steps and you are good to go!
  1. Register for free using our money transfer app or even website.
  2. Complete your personal/ business profile with the basic details.
  3. Select the destination country, currency option and enter the receiver details
  4. Using your debit/credit card, paypal, stripe, etc you can pay for the transaction or even with a bank account.
We are a transparent and modern FinTech company. AFRICUNIA BANK offers 100% protection of your funds. That’s why our app is associated with the official banking and FinTech organizations globally. However, in the third-party case, we may not be responsible for your fund’s security.
AFRICUNIA BANK first converts your currency into the recipient currency. Then the nominal amount of the fee is calculated as a transaction service charges rates. For example, If you want to send 1000 USD to Australia, after the conversion, the recipient will get the 1,410 .06 AUD. The fees over this amount will be 7.21 USD.
The fastest way to send money abroad is an online money transfer. At AFRICUNIA BANK, we offer the fastest, reliable and easy way to send and receive money online without leaving your comfort space.
Yes, you can. We are offering personal and business account options for our customers. We are offering corporate services and business accounts in 180 countries. Know more about the AFRICUNIA Mobile and Internet Banking today!
Yes, one can absolutely do that. You need to create an account with AFRICUNIA BANK to send money to a Nigerian Bank account. The whole process is entirely seamless and would not take more than a few minutes. Do not wait for a second more and download the AFRICUNIA BANK digital banking app today!
It usually depends on the account type and the bank's working hours. But with AFRICUNIA BANK, the transaction would not usually take more than a few minutes. There is also a customer support helpline that one can take advantage of.

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