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AFRICUNIA INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a limited liability company incorporated in Zambia under Companies and Allied Matters “Companies Act, 2017”, in the year (2022), with primary business in Money Remittance Services, Mobile Money Services (MoMo), Online Businesses, Agro-Allied Production, e.g. General Farming. The company specialized in related fields of Architecture, Civil/Building Engineering, General Engineering, Construction and Drilling, Mining, Project Planning, Project Management, Petroleum and Gas Plant, Chemical Plant Project Development, Telecommunications, Solar Power Energy, Property and Property Development and Real Estate Agency and General Consultancy.


Our business model envisions a decentralised digital-only banking services offered entirely through digital touchpoints. Our key competitive advantages in this is our ability to offer users high-quality self-service experiences and much lower operating costs than the traditional banks. While most digital banks target digital-native/tech-savvy consumers and small businesses, we're starting with narrower segments and gradually expand our reach to other groups. Our modus operandi is web & mobile-first, with some online banking offerings; and even our customer service is a digital-first, chatbots led with limited human support.


Our finance marketplaces will enable customers to choose financial services from a variety of third-party suppliers in an open environment. The marketplace is accessed through websites and apps, and also developer portals and APIs just like Stripe and BankBazaar. As the industry embraces open banking and open data paradigms, our marketplace would increasingly democratize and facilitate easy access to the best products and services.


Part of our business model is also offering Financial Institutions-led non-finance marketplace to enable customers to choose a range of (non-financial) goods and services from suppliers in an open environment. For instance, our platform is a one-stop portal to browse property listings, cars, book travel flights, book hotels, buy mobile databundle, purchase airtime and compare utility providers, with financing options bundled along.


We are offering Banking as a service (BaaS). In this model, we offer complete banking processes around our financial products such as payments, loans or deposits as a service that third parties can embed into their products and services. Apparently this enables integration of financial products seamlessly into the primary journeys of the customers such as getting instant auto loans at the dealer site.

Providing payment gateway to MSMEs and merchants to enable their customers make payment without boundaries. Vendors are be able to accept payments, including cryptocurrencies, from multiple methods in one single, seamless integration.

We are registered in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, and Zambia with offices in these countries.


We recently rolled out our initial services in Nigeria, and have been able to integrate, GladePay, PayPal, Stripe for deposits and withdrawal in our wallet infrastructure. We have also integrated WEMA BANK PLC (Nigeria) virtual bank account automated generator in our system.


In the United Kingdom we are registered as AFRICUNIA LIMITED with the following number: 10857200 and in Canada we are registered as AFRICUNIA Incorporated with the following number 11990284; while in Nigeria we are registered as AFRICUNIA NIGERIA LIMITED with this incorporation number: RC 1444941 and in Zambia we are incorporated AFRICUNIA INVESTMENTS LIMITED with the registration number: 120220032983.


We have over 120 Staff working from different countries.


Chona Caroline Hamaambo
Country Director