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Enter the AFRICUNIA BANK email address and click on the button ‘send password link’. Now open your mail and click on the reset password link. Follow the prompts provided in the email and enter the required information and set the new password.
Go to your wallet in the AFRICUNIA BANK app, click on the ‘transfer funds’ and then click on ‘Transfer to the bank’ account option. Follow the rest instructions to complete the withdrawal process.
First, go to the wallet and click on the link to the bank. Search from the bank list or select it from the list. Now enter your online banking details and instantly link the bank account with the AFRICUNIA BANK account.
Go to the setting of your AFRICUNIA BANK account, click the update option, which is next to the email address you want to confirm. Click on the ‘confirm email’, and then the AFRICUNIA BANK system will automatically send you a confirmation email. In this email you’ll get the ‘confirmation email button’ to complete the whole process.
You can receive your payments securely and fast with AFRICUNIA BANK in just 4 easy steps. You have to follow a few easy steps and you are good to go!If you are not registered, register yourself for free with our money transfer app or the website. Next, complete your basic profile with the person or business details. Now select the country, currency option and the details of the payer. Your payer will be notified in response to the payment request. You can receive the payment from your local bank.
You can see all of the payment histories by selecting the payment history tab located under the menu of the activity in your AFRICUNIA BANK account.
Click on the ‘menu’ tab available on the app or site; select the date range available in the menu option on the search bar; tap on the filters and select ‘refunds.‘ Now you can view all the details of your refunds.
To request payments:
  • Enter the mobile number, name and email of the payer or whom you are requesting the money from. Lastly, type the requested amount and then tap the next button to complete the process.
To send an invoice:
  • Go to the invoice option on your AFRICUNIA bank account.
  • Customize the invoice. Send right away, or you can save the draft as well for future use.
You can enter the email address of the AFRICUNIA BANK account. Then click on the forgot password tab below the password field. Enter in your configuration email and then reset the password on the given link provided inside the email.
Click on the ‘settings. Select the ’‘close your account‘‘ option under the account. You would need to enter your bank account number if you haven‘t entered it yet. Simply click on the close account and you are done.
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